ABBA WORLD Revival – in Marbach - First time in Germany in 2018 !!!

We had an absolutely fantastic night at Stadthalle in Marbach am Neckar, another sell out and a standing ovation …. it just doesn’t get any better !! …. Our last show on 21.01.2018 at Stadthalle Marbach was absolutely outstanding! Stadthalle was completly sold out and brimful. The atmosphere was fantastic from the start! People sang all songs with ABBA WORLD Revival very well, and enjoyed every song, every minutes of the show. The mood was heated up, the musicians gave their best - simply told the show was great! Everybody gave its best and audience partied with us. It was a big pleasure and unforgetable evening! A big Thank you to all the visitors there! A special thanks to Marco Ziemer & Edgar Braune from Neckar-Enz KULTURevents. ABBA WORLD Revival will be back very soon. Thanks for invitation and great service. A fantastic venue and a fabulous audience…. we can’t wait to see all you next time again !!

ABBA World Revival
Autor: AWR
vloženo: 22.01.2018
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