ABBA WORLD Revival – New promo video

As one of the World's greatest ABBA tribute bands, ABBA WORLD Revival continue to dominate the tribute band market. Regarding our upcoming ABBA WORLD Revival - Tour 2012, we would like to inform you about new Promo-video. We hope you will enjoy it. Please don’t hesistate to leave us feedback and/or comment. With so many "ABBA" acts to choose from, you can be certain you're looking at the very best ABBA tribute show available.

As one of the most successful ABBA tribute band in Europe, ABBA WORLD Revival often copied but NEVER beaten. ABBA WORLD Revival - Helping to keep the music of ABBA alive & LIVE!

ABBA WR on Youtube : ABBA WR – new promo video 2012.
Autor: AWR
vloženo: 06.12.2011
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