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"Abba World Revival from Prague are here to fulfil our dreams about how the real live performance of the original ABBA probably looked like. I personally visited two of their concerts and must say that I liked both very much. If I was older I could have written that they refreshed my great memories on this exceptional band. As I was born at the time when ABBA was already world-wide known, I can just state that Abba World Revival enabled me to get to know something the generation before mine experienced „on their own skin“. Everything what the original ABBA cannot offer you anymore, you can experience with your own eyes and ears during the live shows of this excellent group of musicians who chose to interpret the songs from repertoire of our most favourite band."
Tom Hudec, ABBA Fanclub
"Thank you for the true experience... You have elevated the revival at position of true live art... For the first time, I have seen „the real“ live concert of ABBA. "
Director of Tour Film 2004 festival, Karlovy Vary
"The best part was the show of Abba World Revival, which was trully making the audience leave their seats and so also the dancefloor was constantly occupied."
Townhall Prague 11
"So now I have just returned from the concert held at KD Opatov and it was really COOL! As I saw you for the very first time, I was surprised that you not only excellently perform the songs, but you have also great choreography and the whole thing is just 100 % ABBAthesque! And it also surprised me that there are even songs that I did not know before which I also liked very much (e.g. I’ve been waiting for you). So I wish much success to you, it was great."
"I visited your concert at Vltavska and I must take my hat off before the great portion of your excellent work. Vocals and also music are carried out with much precision or at least they sound very close to the very original and also the performace of the whole band was great. You have my admiration for putting together and keeping alive such a big band in these days and also successfully starting its career. I wish you much success and enthusiasm for your next work and all future concerts. I am looking forward to visiting your concert again sometime in the future. Respect."
Josef Moravec REFERENCES:

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